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Welcome to Piaskowy Hostel!

We are happy to welcome you in a new hostel located in the heart of Wrocław, in an antique tenement house placed next to HalaTargowa (The Market Hall)-one of the most well-known monuments of Wrocław, close to the Market Square (200 meters , 5 minute walk).

Nearby the hostel you can also visit: OstrówTumski – the oldest sacred part of the city with Romanesque and Gothic churches and the Cathedral, MłynyPiaskowewith a haven for waterbuses (30 m), The National Ossoliński Institute, The University of Wrocław, The Botanic Garden , The Racławice Panorama.

Hostel Piaskowy is located in the historic area of the city, therefore is an excellent accommodation spot and perfect starting point for sightseeing.

We offer to our customers guest rooms with 1-5 beds, lounge with air conditioning and free wireless Internet access- Piaskowa Cellar, open for our guests 24/7. Unique atmosphere of Piaskowy Hostel and proximity to the Market Square, numerous restaurants and pubs make you feel like you have knownWrocław for ages . Neighborhood ofthe most important means of public transport will make the city open up before you and become your close friend.

We invite you to make a booking